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0 Mosquitoes, 100% Fun

It is regularly sprayed against them.

Excursions in the Danube Delta as you have never seen before!

Distractie in Delta Dunarii si cazare la pensiuni de top (casa Matei, Casa Teo din Mahmudia, dar si multe altele). Alege Nautic Tour!

Pentru un sejur de lux , iti oferim ajutor pentru alegerea pensiunilor cele mai potrivite din Delta Dunarii.  

Professional staff

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Attention to the comfort of tourists

The experience of thousands of tourists makes our drivers very adept at adapting to

Unique locations

Our guides are ALL people born and raised in the Danube Delta, and they will show you places where you have certainly never been!

Nearchus NauticTour

What we offer you

Firma Nearchus NauticTour iți oferă tot ce ai nevoie pentru un sejur de lux in Delta Dunarii! 

Excursii in Delta Dunarii cu barca

Cu preturi de la 80 de RON/ persoana, negociabil pentru copii si animale de companie, firma noastra este liderul de piata in Mahmudia si Tulcea. Află de ce mai jos!

Afla mai multe mai jos

Cazare la pensiuni de lux

Putem să vă oferim preturi avantajoase la cazarile din Mahmudia dar si din Tulcea. Află mai multe direct la telefon despre cazarea la Restaurant Marinarul din Tulcea.

Conditii de distractie

Putem negocia legat de alte servicii, precum inchirierea unei barci doar pentru familia dvs/ grupul dvs la telefon

Alege o mancare in asezamantul nostru pescaresc

  • Misiunea noastra
  • Preturile noastre
  • Ca oricine a venit in Delta sa revina de cate ori are ocazia..Si indeplinim aceasta misiune prin calitatea excursiilor noastre cu barca dar si prin mancarea traditionala din asezamantul nostru pescaresc UNIC in Delta, plasat in interiorul Deltei!

  • Preturile noastre incep de la 80 de lei pe persoana. Afla mai multe despre ele la telefon:0 760 474 738

trips to the Danube Delta at low prices

stay Danube delta with unique experiences

Do you want unique moments without mosquitoes?

Do you want Day Trips to Delta?

Boat trip in the delta

Unique experiences in the Danube Delta

Company offers

  • Excursions in the Danube Delta in the company of guides born and raised in the Delta
  • Accommodation at boarding houses, agro-pensions and partner resorts that offer us discounts
  • Food served in the ONLY FISH FISHING SET IN THE DELTA.

Find out more details below!

UPDATE - We have last minute offers for September at the partner pensions-

Learn more on the phone 0760 474 738

Danube Delta offers (and last minute)

1-day excursions in the Danube Delta - Special Routes and Destinations - Boat Cruises

Find out why we only have 5 Star reviews from our customers who come back to Delta every year!

For excursions in the Danube Delta from Tulcea or Mahmudia, the company NauticTour has imposed itself on the local market through several elements, which we will write below:

Why are we choosing of 2543 tourists in 2021 (to date)?

Company NauticTour is an example of professionalism on the market of tour operators in Tulcea and Mahmudia. Our boat drivers are local people, born and raised in Mahmudia, and have many stories with and for tourists!

The speed of our boats (both for the stay and for the day trips from Tulcea) is  small / medium, depending on the energy of the group.

We specialize in slow trips, comfortable, so you can absorb the information you receive from our boat drivers.

The average speed with which our tourists discover how fascinating the Danube Delta in our excursions is 10 km / h. Thus, cruise tourists will be able to quietly photograph the wonderful landscapes during the trip to the Delta.

Other strengths of the NauticTour team are

  • Our staff is more than friendly! Being raised in the Delta, and having experience in the field, boat drivers are also guides who will make it a memorable experience!

For example Jack (Stefan Gigi), whose skills as a guide and boat driver were recognized by the newspaper, won only GOLD medals with the Olympic team kayaking.

He chose to continue to offer his passion for Delta and tourists after that stage of his life is over and he is the most sought after NauticTour driver for his experience and funny stories!

Cruise in the Danube Delta with Jack, the legend of the NauticTour company, which also appeared on news sites.


Our boats are the boats from the Danube Delta that take the comfort of tourists to a new level!

There are only new, open boats with synthetic leather upholstery, with backrests and pillows for high comfort for the excursions in the Danube Delta of our tourists.

So, the tourists of our company NauticTour who go with us on cruises in the Danube Delta have all the comfort to feel good and relax on vacation!

Whoever comes to the Delta to get rid of the crowds can enjoy the peace and the conditions of accommodation like outside!

Day trips in the Danube Delta-nautictour-accommodation-stay-Danube-Delta-hotel

Our boats are protected by special awnings that have been specially prepared for our boats and offer COMPLETE protection against small short summer rains and mosquitoes!

The Nearchus NauticTour team is easily recognizable by the fact that:

  • The turquoise color is present both on our boats, but also on the logos, on the polo shirts that each of our boat drivers wears, but also on the rest of the advertising materials offered to the passengers in the Danube Delta.
  • We are the largest cruise operator in the Danube Delta in Mahmudia -> We have the ability to ride tourist buses.
  • Our boats go in formation / team.
  • We have original programs and routes that delight our tourists every year, always discovering new places and always updating our routes.
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS - The price will remain fixed!
  • Our boats are specially built for tourists, being open, but in bad weather they can close and the comfort of our tourists is always our priority.
  • Because they work daily in the Danube Delta, our drivers know all the changes that have taken place and know what to recommend, not just where the birds and animals they want to show you are.

Our boats may have tables installed inside them

We are chosen by tourists who want to explore the Danube Delta for other elements:

  • Our cruise ship drivers never drink alcohol!
  • respect protection rules against both Covid-19, but also against fires or other negative situations through clearly mentioned rules for tourists visiting Delta!
  • Each boat is equipped with life jackets approved, on camouflage pattern, and we also have orange life jackets for children,also approved.
  • You can be a DJ! Yes, you read that right! You can ask for the password and you will put what songs you want!
  • Our boats have 4 subwoofers, so the fun is maximum!
Nautical-Routes-Tour-Excursions-Danube Delta-Delta-Boat-Cruise-0
Nautical-Routes-Tour-Excursions-Danube Delta-Delta-Boat-Cruise-0

What to visit in the Danube Delta?

The Danube Delta has

About us

Professionals in creating addiction for the Danube Delta

We help you to have the holiday you are looking for in the Danube Delta!

Our team started from the passion of Captain Ionuț and his wife Mădălina for the Danube Delta.

Born and raised in Mahmudia with traditional recipes, Mădălina grew in her husband a passion for tourism in the Danube Delta and a fascination for everything it has to offer.

Madalina runs the fishing village and prepares traditional food that delights tourists and makes them return many times a year to the Danube Delta.

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